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Winery tours around Mildura
Mildura is known for its large-scale wineries, which produce most of Australia's Chardonnay, in addition to Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, and several other varieties. Visitors can sample wines at some of the wineries as well as at tasting centers in town.
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National Parks
Mungo Nat Park tours
The Willandra Lakes World Heritage area, of which Mungo is the centerpiece, is the site of 50,000 year old burial grounds and fossils of giant kangaroos, giant wombats, Tasmanian devils and tigers, and aboriginal peoples. Mungo is currently home to red kangaroos, echidnas, bats, bearded dragons, pink cockatoos, and many other native fauna.
Harry Nanya Tours has been operating tours to Mungo National Park since 1992 and is the only fully aboriginal owned and operated, award winning Tour Company in the region.
Feel the presence of the past while walking with your local aboriginal guide explaining significant sites of the oldest human occupation in this ancient land dating back to Aboriginal life from around 60,000 years ago to the present day. Visit the 'Walls of China', which were once shores to the lake, a 30km crescent of sand dunes with breathtaking scenery's and eroding pinnacles of sand & clay. Also visit the 'Western Lookout' where you can overlook Lake Mungo from afar.
Harry Nanya Tours of Mungo National Park
Perry Sandhills
These red sandhills have provided a backdrop for many films and served as a bombing range for Australian pilots during WWII. The ancient picturesque sand dunes lie at the edge of a floodplain, and once were home to giant wombats, giant kangaroos, and many other native fauna.
Perry Sandhills
Murray Sunset National Park
A wide variety of habitats greets the visitor to this park. The floodplains, grasslands, pine woodlands, saltbush flats, and dunes are home to a many native wildlife, including the Paucident Planigale, a rare marsupial, the Regent Parrot, the Millewa Skink, White-Browed Tree Creepers, and Mallee Dragons.
The Pink Lakes
The Pink Lakes
Accessible via a gravel road off the Mallee Highway, turn a striking shade of pink during the late summer as a result of carotene secreted by an algae.
Mildura from the sky
Experience the beauty of Mildury from the air with a hot air balloon ride by the Murray River, a scenic helicopter ride, or a private tour on a twin engine plane. The chartered helicopter or plane may also be used to reach destinations such as wineries and national parks.
Balloon Rides Mildura
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